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As much as I hate to acknowledge baseless entertainment masquerading as political commentary, the timing of Rush Limbaugh‘s latest vitriol aimed at Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, coinciding with my introduction of “tool of the month” is a set-up I am incapable of ignoring. It’s a bit like holding back a sneeze. Rest assured, I happily cross party lines for all culinary-based political jabs, but only if the intended target really deserves it, as this one so heartily does.

So. Tool of the month must also go to this Amco Enameled Lemon Squeezer. Its cheerful yellow makes it’s the happiest looking device in my arsenal of kitchen helpers. Costing around $10-$12, this device works great for limes too.

My friends Randi and Kelvin keep me in good supply of their gargantuan lemons that have no hope of fitting into this hand juicer. For those, and for grapefruit and oranges, I use my very affordable electric juicer; for juicing just one or two, a hand reamer works great.

The resulting citrus juice is a great flavor enhancer and emulsifier used for a variety of salad dressings and marinades, including:

caesar dressing
cilantro pesto
dill vinaigrette
tartar sauce
homemade mayonnaise
garlic rosemary chicken

Drop me a line and tell me about that favorite device that is indispensable in your kitchen. Happy juicing!

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