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This morning I awoke to find a message from Amazon regarding a voluntary recall of some of Pamela’s Products. The products targeted in the recall are:

Baking & Pancake Mix
Chocolate Cake Mix
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Here is the link to get the full info on this recall.

One of my most trusted purveyors of gluten-free products, Pamela’s will no doubt deal with this issue quickly and effectively.

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  1. Ed Mumford says:


    I will begin by praising the Pamela’s name. I am a fan, have been enjoying a healthy treat from time to time preparing pancakes. Love it!!

    Issue is, I have been overseas for 8 months. Just now finding the time to send this message to you folks.
    After a long time away, now home I craved PamelaCakes. No gluten free in Indonesia!!!

    SO I opened the 4lb bag (from Vitacost) began to mix and notice insect traces, my guess is weevil activity. My mom, of course, is the big culinary expert, so I called her and inquired. She told me she automatically freezes all her grain products before use to kill weevil eggs. An old trick. So, in the future, I will do this.

    In the meantime though, I am asking Pamela’s about this purity concern. Is the recall about tainted flour? Before I order any more, has the problem been resolved? And lastly, Is Pamela’s willing to replace my purchase? Just asking.

    SKU 9370930410
    DEC 11 2016 3625101A2

  2. Leah Brooke says:

    I was wondering if you knew If the natural flavoring in Pamela products have msg in them.

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