alcoholic beverages

sparkling holiday punch

This couldn’t be easier! This is the perfect holiday punch because it’s served alcohol free, yet when you mix it 1:1 with white wine, it makes a delicious holiday sangria. Great for kids and adults for brunch or any party or … more

Omission – hands down the best gluten-free beer

When I first found out I had gluten issues, I resolved to have a stiff upper lip. I could give up sourdough bread and my favorite pasta. I could even give up pie and real chocolate chip cookies, but when … more

white sangria

It’s summer and nothing goes down better than the sweetness of wine with the addition of sparkling water, fruit juice and fresh fruit. In the last few years, I’ve come across dozens of recipes for both red and white sangria. … more

simple syrup

This is a wonderful base for any drink that requires sweetness, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Wonderful for Summer Lemonade as well as White Sangria, it comes together quickly, and the ratios are always the same. Prep time: 2 minutes Total time: … more

floating ice ring

I love using these when I do a punch because it’s beautiful in it’s own right, and it keeps the punch crisp and cool. Prep time: 5-10 minutes Total time: 8 hours Yield: 1 ice ring Special equipment: 1-piece bundt … more

amaretto sour

My girlfriend Sandra just introduced me to this, her favorite drink. We eliminated the sweet & sour mix, most of which contain HFCS and preservatives, and poured and mixed until we got it just right. There were several attempts, but … more

a cocktail party for the new year

Whether or not you’ve packed the holiday decorations away, on New Year’s Eve, hopefully you’ll be able to partake of one last celebration. There’s something renewing about January 31st. It’s an opportunity to be thankful for the year you’ve had. … more

amaretto and soda

Disaronno Amaretto is gluten-free! (Thank you very much for the confirmation, This is a really refreshing drink that although tastes like almonds, contains no almonds, but rather apricot kernels. It also happens to be nut-free, so it’s also safe for … more

rum and coke

Thankfully, there’s a few drinks out there without gluten and casein! Captain Morgan’s spiced rum is one of them. In fact, there’s quite a few we can have. I, personally, don’t tolerate alcohol well, but every once in a while, … more

champagne cosmopolitan cocktail

I adapted this from an old Bon Appetit recipe from years ago. This is a wonderful holiday cocktail. You can serve it at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentines Day or for any party, really. This is a regular fixture … more