caesar dressing II

One of my favorite restaurants in San Diego is the long-time family owned Brigantine. And one of my favorite dishes is their chicken caesar salad in part because of the vinegary dressing. On the off-chance I could find a recipe, I … more

salad in a jar

It was their turn to host our book club dinner, so my mother-daughter friends Kathy and Jennifer, respectively, set a gorgeous table and served a beautiful and ingenious meal they made a day ahead of time. Featuring a Salad Nicoise, … more

gluten-free tuna quinoa salad with lemon

Served warm or chilled, this tangy salad is perfect for summer. Don’t worry about how much lemon is in here – the quinoa really soaks it up. Flakes of tuna give it a wonderful piquant flavor that meld beautifully with … more

gluten-free warm goat cheese salad

If you can have dairy, this is a treat. The pungency of the goat cheese is set off beautifully with the sweetness of the vinaigrette. This is a lovely side salad with one slice of cheese, or a main dish … more

greens and butternut squash salad

I just had this salad at Waters, our wonderful local cafe, where we celebrated my sister-in-law Randy’s birthday. I am duplicating it here because it was delicious! This recipe calls for goat cheese – omit if you are dairy intolerant. … more

gluten-free thousand island dressing

I remember eating this as a kid over an iceburg lettuce salad. I never cared that the lettuce had absolutely no flavor – the point was the dressing. This is great over a standard salad, or better yet, as the … more

chicken caesar salad

The tuna industry will tell you that tuna salad is America’s favorite salad. I even found a coleslaw blog, also “America’s favorite salad”. The point is, we like our salads. Chef, 3-bean, jello (if you want to go way back), … more

lisa’s greens and quinoa salad

My niece, Lisa came up with this wonderful salad. Brightened with pistachios and cranberries, the quinoa provides a nice punch of protein that would accent a holiday table. This a wonderful side for a Frittata brunch or alongside a nourishing … more

kitchen sink salad

We love salads in our family and can’t imagine a meal without one. My kids were won over when they were tiny which makes getting raw vegetables into their diet easy. The point of this salad is to use up … more

greek salad

This is a great side salad with dinner alongside Chicken Souvlaki and Saffron Rice. Or have it for lunch on it’s own or with leftover Chicken Souvlaki on top to make it heartier. If you can withstand dairy, creamy feta … more

greek vinaigrette

This is a really nice combination of flavors that, for me, epitomize Greek food – garlic, lemon, fresh oregano… I love this on a typical Greek salad, piled high with lots of vegetables, which is the perfect foundation for leftover … more

quinoa tabouli

In place of bulgar wheat, this tabouli utilizes protein-rich quinoa as a base. This is a fresh side for a Chicken Wrap, or with any dinner. Or, you can throw chicken or shrimp in and make it a main dish. … more

celery root slaw

Celery root is one of those under appreciated vegetables that is easily overlooked because it looks like jicama’s ugly cousin. But don’t be put off by it’s appearance. With a sharp knife, you can cut off the stem and slice … more


Often times, modified food starch (code name “gluten”) is added to many commercial mayonnaises. It helps give the mayonnaise body and stiffness. Coleslaw is one of those things we are accustomed to buying at the deli counter, but you’ll be … more

cucumber salad

A nice change from a green salad, this is a typical Hungarian side, without the sour cream. It’s light and fresh and keeps for another day. My kids love this (even the raw onion part). Prep time: 5 minutes Total … more

broccoli bacon salad

This is for my friend Brad who is trying to sneak more vegetables into his kid’s diet. Not only is this delicious, but the veggies are raw – another nutritional bonus. Prep Time: 10 minutes Yield: Serves 4-6 12 oz. … more

chicken salad

This is a really versatile salad that can be used in a sandwich, a green salad or wrapped in lettuce leaves, as shown here. I send this to school with my kids with rice crackers for dipping. Prep time: 10 … more

tuna salad

For working people, this is an ideal salad to throw into a container and store in the company fridge for lunch. Prep time: 15 minutes Total time: 15 minutes Yield: 2 large main course salads 3 cans albacore tuna (I … more

chef salad

Growing up, this was a once a week dinner in summertime, served outside in our patio with a big bowl of lettuce and dishes upon dishes of vegetables, cheeses and meats. I’ve pared it down a bit and it is … more

chinese chicken salad

This is my most requested recipe. It’s changed lots over the years, but I’m pretty sure it came from the source of many great recipes – the church potluck. There is a ton of chicken in here and we eat … more

heather’s salad

A beautiful, delicious salad from my friend, Heather. Using bagged lettuce saves time for this pretty side dish. Prep time: 25 minutes Total time: 25 minutes Yield: Serves 10-12 Special equipment: mini food processor for dressing 2-3 bags salad (including … more