We are a mother and daughter team who share a number of food sensitivities. We also share a love of food and cooking, so over the years, we’ve figured out ways to tweak our favorite recipes to reflect the food challenges we’ve been given. Because ultimately, should be nutritious, delicious and joyful.

Many of the recipes we share come from relatives, several of whom are no longer with us. But they reside in our daily thoughts and memories, and quite tangibly in the recipes they’ve handed down.

So we give you recipes and tips that we hope will support the challenges you’ve been given. We hope you find the food delicious, easy and practical, especially for working families…food not just for those with allergies and sensitivities, but food for the entire family. And we hope you find what we’ve found – that these limitations are not a curse. To be deliberate about the food you eat is to choose a more conscious, healthful life and that is nothing short of a gift. From our kitchen to yours…enjoy!

Amy & Olivia