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Hydroponic lettuce is one of my new favorites. The bonus is that the Costco near me sells a big container of it. The brand is eva produced by Grupo Altex. I try to purchase food as locally as possible. For me in Southern California, this food didn’t have to travel far from Mexico, but I’d still like to find a supplier in my own county.

Hydroponics is an agricultural production system that allows plants to be harvested without the use of soil or earth. Nutrients dissolved in water are supplied directly to the roots. The process is unique in that it requires about 80% less water than traditional crops. It prevents soil erosion and pollution of aquifers by avoiding the use of toxic substances.

For us folks who are gluten-intolerant, these little romaine leaves provide the perfect, healthy vessel for the contents of our favorite sandwiches: egg salad, turkey, tuna. Packed tightly in rolls into a container, they also travel well.

My favorite is filled with a rolled up slice of turkey, a drizzle of mayonnaise, slices of red onion, avocado and a sprinkling of toasted almond slices for crunch. Add the contents of your favorite sandwich and you’ll be surprised at how satisfying they are.



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2 Responses to lettuce wraps

  1. lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing. Just had my first lettuce wrap last weekend with tuna, it was so good and I was so surprised. What is the healthiest lettuce that will hold tuna, etc?? I am so used to spinach, I guess it would be romaine.

  2. Amy says:

    I would try any really green lettuce leaf. I like the baby romaine as well as butter lettuce which holds up great, too.

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