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It was their turn to host our book club dinner, so my mother-daughter friends Kathy and Jennifer, respectively, set a gorgeous table and served a beautiful and ingenious meal they made a day ahead of time. Featuring a Salad Nicoise, that lovely, cold, flaked tuna salad from Provence, dinner was sensibly assembled in a wide-mouthed quart mason jar.

Because each jar is separate, this is a meal that easily accommodates people with allergies. My jar is the one with the ribbon around it – nightshade free – so no tomatoes for me. Feel free to add your favorite ingredients. There are many recipes for Salad Nicoise – simply pick your favorite ingredients and add those. You could also use this technique for a classic Cobb, or any salad of your choosing.

Kathy and Jennifer placed a jar onto the center of the plate so that guests could simply remove the lid and upend onto their plate. The dressing perfectly coats the ingredients and you have a delicious, creative, no-hassle meal that your guests will not soon forget.

I haven’t listed quantities here as you can make this a salad for one, or for a dinner party. Be creative and have fun.

Prep time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30-45 minutes
Special equipment: 32 ounce wide-mouth mason jars

Dill Vinaigrette
artichoke hearts

blanched green beans (until just tender)
Nicoise or Kalmata olives
thinly sliced cucumber
hard boiled eggs (use hard boiling instructions only)
cannellini beans
jarred tuna (or from a can)
butter lettuce

  1. Up to a day ahead of serving, stack all ingredients into jars in the order listed above. Serve at your leisure. That’s it!

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  1. Anna W says:

    What a great idea for taking salads to work! And what a beautiful table that is.

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