chef salad

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Growing up, this was a once a week dinner in summertime, served outside in our patio with a big bowl of lettuce and dishes upon dishes of vegetables, cheeses and meats. I’ve pared it down a bit and it is my constant lunch with Sweet & Savory Dressing.

Total time: 10 minutes
Yield: 1 main course salad

1 small romaine heart, cleaned and shredded
2 slices of turkey, rolled and sliced thin
1 slice bacon, cooked until crisp (if have nightshade allergy and using turkey bacon, call the manufacturer to make sure paprika is not an ingredient)
several slices red onion
1 hard boiled egg
1/2 avocado cubed
1/2 half Roma tomato
(omit for nightshade allergy)
1/4 c. dry roasted raw slivered almond

Drizzle of Sweet & Savory Dressing.

  1. Mix first six ingredients together and drizzle with dressing. Makes one hearty lunch salad. If you double it and serve with a light soup, you’ll have dinner for a 4.

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  1. Erin says:

    I LOVE this salad! I made it yesterday…delicious! The Sweet & Savory dressing is my new favorite as well!


    Love you,


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