halloween delights

Amys Gluten Free Pantry

Let me just warn you…I love Halloween. Not the gory Freddie Kruger stuff like gross out bloody masks with all manner of hardware and veins popping out, but a whimsical Halloween with lots of carved pumpkins and seasonal treats. It’s a great excuse to throw a party and dress up. The shadows are longer and the days are shorter and you can feel that autumn crisp in the air.

So this Halloween, whether you opt for a party or a family only evening, here’s a few dishes that will get you appreciating the change of season while adding a bit of spice and whimsy to your Halloween.

hard-boiled egg spiders
ranch dressing with carrots and celery
hot wings and drummettes

stuffed red peppers
pasta with meat sauce

snacks and treats:
pb&b smores
old fashioned popcorn
creepy cupcakes


Happy Halloween!




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