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When you give up gluten, you also give up con­ve­nience. The num­ber of restau­rants at which you can eat tends to shrink dra­mat­i­cally, and you are left hav­ing lengthy con­ver­sa­tions with wait staff. If you live in San Diego or Los Ange­les, things are start­ing to look up a bit. Eco-friendly, socially-conscious and decid­edly hip Burger Lounge is bridg­ing a gap not just for the gluten-challenged, but for all eaters who have a love affair with one of American’s noto­ri­ously unhealthy foods – the burger. I love the irony that a burger joint cares about pro­vid­ing it’s din­ers with grass-fed beef raised free of feed lots, hor­mones, grains, antibi­otics and ani­mal byprod­ucts. It sounds rea­son­able, but the plain truth is that logic and rea­son are now rev­o­lu­tion­ary ideals in this age of “feed me now, feed me cheaply” char­ac­ter­ized by lit­tle or no con­cern for health or ingredients.

As iconic as apple pie and choco­late chip cook­ies, the burger is emblem­atic of sim­plic­ity and com­fort. Borne from 19th cen­tury neces­sity, we Amer­i­cans love to remove knife and fork from the equa­tion and sim­ply dig in with our hands. Face it, the burger is here to stay. That’s good news for us, now that we gas­tro­nom­i­cally chal­lenged eaters have a tasty workaround. For an extra $.95 cents, you can order the sig­na­ture Lounge Burger (beef or turkey) with a gluten-free bun. The buns, how­ever, do con­tain pota­toes and are not safe for those of us with night­shade aller­gies, but they do offer the carb-free ver­sion wrapped in fresh let­tuce – just take a pass on the ketsup.

Another gluten-free offer­ing is the Organic Quinoa Salad. It also con­tain night­shades, but at least you can drown your sor­rows in a Lounge Shake (made choco­late, vanilla, or with Root Beer, Mex­i­can Coke, Gin­ger Beer or Fanta Orange Soda – all gluten-free).

San Diego Burger Lounge loca­tions include Kens­ing­ton, Hill­crest, Lit­tle Italy, Coro­n­ado and La Jolla, with a Del Mar loca­tion open­ing later this year. If you live in the LA area, you’ll have to go to West Hol­ly­wood or Bev­erly Hills, dahling, or wait for two new loca­tions in Santa Mon­ica and Brent­wood. Happy, messy, drippy eating!


About Burger Lounge:

Burger Lounge is an eco-conscious burger con­cept from San Diego ded­i­cated to using fresh pro­duce and health­ful ingre­di­ents sourced from sus­tain­able envi­ron­ments. Founded in 2007 by J. Dean Lor­ing and Michael Gilli­gan, the cer­ti­fied green restau­rant is built on the prin­ci­ple of doing a com­mon thing, uncom­monly well, an ethos that has been trans­lated into each of the six loca­tions in San Diego and two loca­tions in Los Ange­les. From the 100% Amer­i­can grass-fed beef burg­ers to the organic ketchup to the per­son­al­ized ser­vice that puts every guest first, Burger Lounge is redefin­ing the way din­ers expe­ri­ence a burger. For more infor­ma­tion, visit Fol­low Burger Lounge on Twit­ter at @Burger_Lounge and “like” them on Face­book at


For more infor­ma­tion regard­ing Burger Lounge, please contact

 Christina Gilmour or Diana Hoss­feld at JS² Com­mu­ni­ca­tions: 323.866.0880   

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