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When you give up gluten, you also give up convenience. The number of restaurants at which you can eat tends to shrink dramatically, and you are left having lengthy conversations with wait staff. If you live in San Diego or Los Angeles, things are starting to look up a bit. Eco-friendly, socially-conscious and decidedly hip Burger Lounge is bridging a gap not just for the gluten-challenged, but for all eaters who have a love affair with one of American’s notoriously unhealthy foods – the burger. I love the irony that a burger joint cares about providing it’s diners with grass-fed beef raised free of feed lots, hormones, grains, antibiotics and animal byproducts. It sounds reasonable, but the plain truth is that logic and reason are now revolutionary ideals in this age of “feed me now, feed me cheaply” characterized by little or no concern for health or ingredients.

As iconic as apple pie and chocolate chip cookies, the burger is emblematic of simplicity and comfort. Borne from 19th century necessity, we Americans love to remove knife and fork from the equation and simply dig in with our hands. Face it, the burger is here to stay. That’s good news for us, now that we gastronomically challenged eaters have a tasty workaround. For an extra $.95 cents, you can order the signature Lounge Burger (beef or turkey) with a gluten-free bun. The buns, however, do contain potatoes and are not safe for those of us with nightshade allergies, but they do offer the carb-free version wrapped in fresh lettuce – just take a pass on the ketsup.

Another gluten-free offering is the Organic Quinoa Salad. It also contain nightshades, but at least you can drown your sorrows in a Lounge Shake (made chocolate, vanilla, or with Root Beer, Mexican Coke, Ginger Beer or Fanta Orange Soda – all gluten-free).

San Diego Burger Lounge locations include Kensington, Hillcrest, Little Italy, Coronado and La Jolla, with a Del Mar location opening later this year. If you live in the LA area, you’ll have to go to West Hollywood or Beverly Hills, dahling, or wait for two new locations in Santa Monica and Brentwood. Happy, messy, drippy eating!


About Burger Lounge:

Burger Lounge is an eco-conscious burger concept from San Diego dedicated to using fresh produce and healthful ingredients sourced from sustainable environments. Founded in 2007 by J. Dean Loring and Michael Gilligan, the certified green restaurant is built on the principle of doing a common thing, uncommonly well, an ethos that has been translated into each of the six locations in San Diego and two locations in Los Angeles. From the 100% American grass-fed beef burgers to the organic ketchup to the personalized service that puts every guest first, Burger Lounge is redefining the way diners experience a burger. For more information, visit Follow Burger Lounge on Twitter at @Burger_Lounge and “like” them on Facebook at


For more information regarding Burger Lounge, please contact

 Christina Gilmour or Diana Hossfeld at JS² Communications: 323.866.0880   

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