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If you can have grains, such as rice and potato and can tolerate a tiny bit of dairy and soy, here’s a super quick alternative to a more involved gluten-free stuffing.

We gave this a try a few weeks ago and everyone loved it. The flavor is wonderful and the aroma is pure Thanksgiving. The only change I would make is to add a bit of texture in the form of sautéd celery and onion. A bit of sausage would work well too. We did the super moist stovetop method only because I know that both my ovens will be spoken for with a Holiday Roast Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole. It took about 15 minutes, a bit more if you decide to add sautéed celery and onion.

The Trader Joe’s website shows nutritional information, but not ingredients, so here they are:

Croutons (rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, egg whites, non fat milk powder, brown sugar, canola oil, eggs, potato flour, yeast, salt, guar gum)
dehydrated onion
dehydrated celery
dehydrated button mushrooms
chicken fat (chicken fat, chicken broth, natural flavor {extract of rosemary})
onion powder
spices (oregano, sage, celery seeds, black pepper), parsley
soybean oil
garlic powder

Contains: eggs, milk and soy




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