go greenbay?

Since the Chargers, once again, made a great showing then fizzled in the 11th hour, I am a bit ambivalent about who wins the Superbowl. My friend Mark, a dyed in the wool Steelers fan, will once again nearly pop a vein in his neck this Sunday as he stands or paces during the entire game. I think that’s kinda funny and I always tease him about it, knowing that some of his most profane, yet heartfelt conversations of the entire year are with his television screen. Then again, my roots can be traced to dairy farmers from Wisconsin, so I think I’ll root for Green Bay. I’m going to email this post to Mark and ask his wife to watch as he reads it. She’ll let me know if the vein moves.

If you’re cooking for a crowd this Superbowl Sunday and want to offer something other than the sacrosanct chili, try Pulled Pork Sandwiches. You can prepare it all ahead of time and your friends can serve themselves. Lemon Squeeze is a healthy alternative to alcohol so that mild heartburn is your only post game trauma, provided your team wins.

My kid’s main concern is that I make Hot Wings and Pizza, because scootering around our neighborhood with their friends during the big game takes lots of energy. So whomever you favor, try to do it with good friends and good food. And good humor.

So, go Green Bay. You listening, Mark?

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