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Amys Gluten Free Pantry

Traveling with dietary restrictions can be a bit life-defining. When my kids moan and groan, I give them the “I walked to school in the snow” speech, detailing the lack of products when I was first diagnosed. Hot dog and hamburger buns, cookies you can buy and cook on your own, whole menus at restaurants dedicated to the gluten-intolerant were things I only dared hope for.

But on the bright side, our family’s unique diet gave birth to an idea that recently became a reality. We have now turned into true suburbanites and are the proud owners of an RV. She’s a 22 year old Lazy Daze, with a good engine and incredibly low mileage and she is our best bet for fun-filled vacations with safe, convenient food.

A childhood of camping, back packing, and fishing have made me a lifetime outdoors girl. Being able to enjoy the vast national parks of this great country, with the convenience of a private bathroom simply makes me smile. And the kitchen, of course, that was kind of the point. We just returned from our maiden voyage and it was a great success. 26 feet of motorhome was not as overwhelming a prospect as I thought. Things rattled and gurgled and we felt a bit like the Clampetts as we rolled down Highway 101, but there were no major upsets (yes, I know…it’s only a matter of time).

We have grand plans for our RV, who has yet to be named. (I’m thinking Auntie Mame?) Americana is just around the corner in the way of Route 66, the California coast, the giant redwoods and if we dare, the unmistakable stench of Harris Ranch up the I-5. Remember car bingo? Those cardboard squares with pictures of windmills, birds and bridges on them with red and green plastic lids you lifted when you spied each item? I found them not long ago and they will accompany us on our next trip, along with a tightly monitored electronic contraption and the occasional movie on the lap top. (The last two items are parental self-preservation measures, if I’m being totally honest).

Ahead of us also lies strategic menu-planning, smart shopping and space saving ideas for eating well on the road. Stay tuned. And if you think of a good name for the RV, let me know.

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