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My sister-in-law Lucy always makes this huge, gor­geous prime rib for Christ­mas Eve din­ner. It’s about the only time of the year that I eat this dish, so I look for­ward to it, espe­cially the nose-numbing blast I get from the accom­pa­ny­ing horse­rad­ish. As I was help­ing her with the dishes, she was ready to toss the meaty bones into the trash, so as is my weird habit, I res­cued them and brought them home bun­dled in foil. The day after Christ­mas, I roasted them and made the most deli­cious stock as a base for Mush­room Soup. The fla­vors are so deep and won­der­ful from the roast­ing of the bones, plus, I love wring­ing every­thing out of every meal, espe­cially nour­ish­ing bone stocks and broths.

I want to make some more soon, so I’ll visit Star, my local butcher and ask for what­ever he can give me. I’ll let you know how that goes, but for now, this is a per­fect base for soups and stews, as well as for dunk­ing gluten-free french dip sand­wiches from left-over Pot Roast.

Don’t worry about how much time this takes – do this on a week­end when you’re home for a bit. Most of the recipe time is roast­ing or sim­mer­ing on the stove. If you’ve got night­shade aller­gies, this is won­der­ful to make because I’ve never found good com­mer­cial organic beef stock or that is free of paprika and/or potatoes.

This is one of those “every­thing but the kitchen sink” recipes – use what you like and what makes sense.

Prep time: 50 min­utes
Total time: about 6 hours
Spe­cial equip­ment: cheese cloth optional

4–6 pounds beef bones
1 large onion quar­tered (you can leave the peel on)
3 medium car­rots cut into 2 inch chunks.

1/2 c. water
3 stalks cel­ery, sliced into 1 inch chunks
10 mush­rooms halved
20 pep­per­corns
1 T salt
1 tsp. pep­per
2 thyme leaves
2 tsp. dried thyme or sev­eral sprigs of fresh 
2 cloves gar­lic
10–12 cups of water (to cover)

  1. Pre­heat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Into a shal­low roast­ing pan, place bones, onions and car­rots. Roast for 30–40 min­utes until the bones are well browned, turn­ing occasionally.
  3. Remove roast­ing pan from oven and drain off fat. Place the browned bones, onion and car­rots into a large stock pot.
  4. Pour 1/2 c. water into the roast­ing pan and place it over high heat – scrap­ing up brown bits with a wooden spoon. Add liq­uid to stock pot.
  5. Add all remain­ing ingre­di­ents and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cover. Sim­mer for 4–5 hours. Drain stock and dis­card the bones and veg­eta­bles. To fur­ther clar­ify the broth, you can strain it through a cheese cloth. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let stand another 5 min­utes. Strain again through cheesecloth.
  6. I cool the stock and pour into glass jars to freeze (leave an inch for the stock to expand as it freezes).

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